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Black Cherry Punch

Black Cherry Pie X Purple Punch

2023 NW Leaf Bowl Winner! Dense, dark purple buds with a strong taste and aroma of fresh cherries. Relaxing buzz that promotes sleep. Indica dominant.

Cherry Fritters

Caked Up Cherries X Apple Fritters

Dense dark green and purple buds with a sweet cherry flavor and berry aroma. Intense cerebral high with sedative effect. 50/50 hybrid. 


Dosi Pie

Do-Si-Dos X Velvet Pie

Dense buds rich with purple color and earth sweet flavors. Serene body high. 50/50 Hybrid. 



GMO X Do-Si-Dos

Relaxed, euphoric high with classic GMO (garlic, mushroom, onion) taste and smell. Indica dominant.

Jack Herer

Northern Lights X Shiva Skunk X Haze

Blissful, clear-headed and creative high. This cut has been with our family for 15 years. Sativa dominant.


Mandarin Cookies

Forum Cookies X Mandarin

Gorgeous light green buds with orange hues. Flavor and aroma of oranges and cookies. Sativa dominant.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 2.08.22 PM.png

Donny Burger

GMO X Hans Solo Burger

A happy, giggly high with calming affect and piney aroma. Indica dominate.



Malibu Marsha X Nilla Wafer

Dense dark green buds with a sweet orange and gas flavor. The perfect, evenly balanced buzz. 50/50 hybrid, bred by Sacred.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 2.00.35 PM.png

Melon Cake

Watermelon OG X Lava Cake

Cerebral high with heavy watermelon flavor. Bred by Lit Farms. Indica dominant.

Melon Cane

Melon Cake X Slurricane

Frosty nugs with flavors of melon, berry and gas. Heavy indica buzz. Bread by Sacred.


Nilla Wafer

Wedding Cake X Sundae Driver 

Strong Wedding Cake characteristics. Relaxed high with a sweet, vanilla, earthy flavor. 50/50 hybrid.

Platinum Chem

Platinum X Chem Dawg

Exceptionally smooth woodsy-pine flavor profile with a relaxing mind and body high. Indica dominate hybrid.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 2.09.42 PM.png

Poison Fruit

OGKB X Purple Punch

Fruity gas flavor with a very energetic ad creative high. Sativa dominate.

Silky Johnson

Skywalker OG X Grateful Breath X Secret Weapon

Straight gas taste and smell with a classic indica buzz that slaps you silly. 100% indica.

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 1.58.13 PM.png


Do-Si-Dos X Purple Punch

Dark green buds with purple hues. Smells and tastes of cream and berries. Strong, clear headed high. Indica dominant.

Sour Diesel

Chem Dawg X Super Skunk

Dreamy yet energizing high that acts quickly to alleviate stress and depression. Pungent odor. Sativa dominate.



Malibu Glue
Melon Cake X Rainbow Ice 



Gary Payton X Runtz

2023 NW Leaf Bowl Runner-Up! Calming, giggly, euphoric buzz with flavors of apricot, lavender and sweet berries. Hybrid. Bred by Lit Farms.

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