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Black Cherry Punch

Black Cherry Pie X Purple Punch

2023 NW Leaf Bowl Winner! Dense, dark purple buds with a strong taste and aroma of fresh cherries. Great daytime smoke. Indica dominant hybrid. Bred by In House Genetics.

Cherry Fritters

Caked Up Cherries X Apple Fritters

Dense dark green and purple buds with a sweet cherry flavor, berry aroma, and gas undertones. Indica dominant. Bred by Relentless Genetics.



GMO X Dosi Pie

Potent GMO (garlic, mushroom, onion) dominate flavor and aroma. Tests upwards of 30% THC. Indica dominant. Bred by Powered By Diesel.

Jack Herer

Haze X Northern Lights No. 5 X Shiva Skunk

Blissful, clear-headed and creative high. Strong pine terp profile. This cut has been with our family for 15 years. Sativa dominant.



Gary Payton X Runtz

2023 NW Leaf Bowl Runner-Up! Green and purple flowers with a strong terp profile. Apricot, lavender, and sweet berry flavor. Indica dominate. Bred by Lit Farms.

Malibu Glue

Malibu Marsha X GG No. 4

Large, silver buds with purple hues. Strong tropical citrus nose with a hint of gas. Indica dominant. Exclusive strain bred by Sacred. 

Malibu Glue.jpg
Manila White


Malibu Marsha X Nilla Wafer

Dense dark green buds with a sweet orange and gas flavor. The perfect, evenly balanced buzz. Indica dominant. Exclusive strain bred by Sacred.


Nilla Wafer

Wedding Cake X Sundae Driver 

Strong Wedding Cake characteristics. Relaxed high with a sweet, vanilla, earthy flavor. Indica dominant. Bred by Cannarado.

Rhinestone Cowboy

Candy Breath X Rainbow Ice

Dense, purple-hued buds with sweet candy terps. Indica dominant. Exclusive strain bred by Sacred. 

Rhinestone Cowboy white background_edite
Sacred Sauce in the Garden.jpg

Sacred Sauce

Melon Cake X Slurricane

Unique terp profile. Nose is part rubber and part spray paint with a mix of over ripe fruit. Indica dominant. Exclusive strain bread by Sacred. 

Silky Johnson

Skywalker OG X Grateful Breath X Secret Weapon

Straight gas taste and smell with a classic indica buzz that slaps you silly. 100% indica. Bred by In House Genetics.



Do-Si-Dos X Purple Punch

Dark green buds with purple hues. Smells and tastes of cream and berries. Indica dominant. Bred by In House Genetics. 

Sour Diesel

Pungent gas profile. This cut has been with our family for 20 years. Sativa dominant. 

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